IP targeting Banner Advertising

IP Banner advertising

IP targeting banner advertising – when you want to manage and target your brand.

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Create interest about your brand

Use IP targeting banner advertising to create knowledge and interest about your brand in your target audiences – while your salespeople work with the same companies in the B2B audiences – because the content of the advertisers is developed precisely for the companies in your selected B2B audiences.

Instant Results

IP targeting banner advertising shows your ads to the people working in the companies in your B2B target audiences. And only to them.

Support the sales pipeline

IP targeting affects both decision makers, users, influencers and others with ad content targeted to the B2B business or companies that are in the sales pipeline.

FAQ about IP Targeting banner advertising

How does it work? Is it legal? Can I see who clicks on the advertisements? What can I expect from a campaign? What does ABM mean? Which banner formats are the best and how many should I include in a campaign? Can I use animatedbanners in the campaign? Which websites will I have access to? Can I opt out of websites which I do not want our ads to appear on?

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How IP targeting creates benefits

Support the sales process
For example, your salespeople have 30 good leads/topics. Support the sales process by placing your banner or display ads for employees in the very B2B companies that are in your salespeople’s pipeline. Use the opportunities to influence the employees throughout the sales process. You can ensure that your ads appear, for example, 100,000 times for the employees of the selected companies.

Find out what works – and what does not work

Design your ad with attractive messages that can make a difference for your B2B audience. Check if your ads have a measurable effect by tracking the visits to your website with IP tracking. Align your ads with content that works and which creates value for your sales work.

Avoid expensive intermediaries

You manage your advertising and your campaigns yourself – without expensive intermediaries.

3 simple steps

  • Define and select the B2B target audiences and/or companies you want to see your messages?
  • Choose the period you want your advertising to take place in?
  • Create your banner or display ad.Get started.