IP tracking shows you what your B2B audience’s companies are looking for on your website, whether they’re about to increase or decrease interest and much more.

IP tracking provides current visitor data about your B2B target audience’s visits to your web pages. And once you know what your target audience responds to and is interested in, you can target the sales force’s efforts.
With IP tracking, you automatically receive detailed reports on visitor behavior. Are your B2B customers looking for new products? Are your customers heading in or out? Do they respond to your email campaigns? Who responds?
Your B2B target audiences and your customers are your most important asset, and the asset is your knowledge of their current and future needs, as evidenced through their use of your website.
Use IP tracking to turn guesswork into useful knowledge and additional sales.

14 days free trial period

Try IP tracking for 14 days

Trying IP tracking is quite simple.

  1. You get a script that you put on your website.
  2. After approximately 14 days we meet again and discuss the results and possibilities.

And then it’s up to you to assess whether IP tracking is a good investment. It’s very simple – and we help all the way.

FAQ about IP tracking

How does it work? Is it legal? How do I access the information? How many people can receive these reports? How do I know if IP tracking is working on my website? How do I get started? What are the limitations? Do all companies have an IP address? What do I really need the information for? I am not even sure who I would call. Does it only work for Denmark and Danish companies? Can our international subsidiaries or sister companies also use this service?

Create value with IP tracking

Digital assets

The knowledge you gather about your customers’ behavior on your website is a digital asset. An asset in line with other assets. The asset must be maintained and used. Digital assets are data about your customers’ behavior on your website that tells about their interest in your business and your products and services. What is the customer looking at? In what order and when? And when you combine the digital knowledge with your sales department’s knowledge of the customer, you also get answers to why. Knowledge provides the opportunity to act.

Digital contact points

The more places and the earlier your website encounters the customer’s buying process, the more opportunities you have to help set an agenda. IP tracking reports on whether your website meets the customer’s purchase process and where in the process it happens.

The digital marketplace

Developments have changed market communication from one-to-many to many-to-many. Customers are not waiting for your message – they are looking for content on your website. Buyers exchange views and compare across the board. The winner is the company that early on creates value for the customer with relevant content on the website. The experience of value in communication makes the customer expect value in the product and the service and increases the interest in your products. And once you know your customers’ visiting behavior, you can develop your website to deliver the values.


Valoris provides solutions that the customer handles and manages themselves and of course also offers help on how best to apply the solutions.

The solutions enable the marketing function to provide concrete digital advertising support for the sales work.


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