Account Based Website Tracking

- get insights about how companies in your B2B target group visits your website
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What is Account Based Website Tracking?
Do I really need it?

When will your business benefit from Account Based Website Tracking?

When your business working in a highly competitive area.

When your business is working with B2B target groups.

When your website is intended to support the direct sale.

When your target groups are served by various sections of your website.

When your business want to support direct sale with banner advertising.

what does Account Based Website Tracking provide?

  • Unique analytic information for marketing and management.
  • Identify the buying process of specific companies in your B2B Target groups.
  • Automatic sorted information for intended recipients in your organization.
  • Document the effect from your Account Based Advertising-activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Account Based Website Tracking?

Account Based Website Tracking provides current visitor data about your B2B target audience’s visits to your web pages. And when you know the actual interest’s of your target groups, you can manage the sales force’s efforts 

What is really the usefulness of the visitor data? I don't know who to call
First, now you know the real interest of the visiting company. Second, your sales people are trained in identifying decision makers and influencers, and third – if people from your mailing list are visiting your website, they are identifiable by name.
Does it work with companies of any size in my target group?
Well yes. The only limitation is, that the company in your target has its own IP-address.
Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?
Yes. We are with you all the time. We are a well established company. Besides, our solutions are very easy to use and are ‘”out of the box” solutions.
What are the limitations?
The limitation is, that the companies in your target group – is a business.
We know nothing about private persons and cannot identify private visitors.

It is difficult to find out which customers are in the market. And it is the customers who are in the market, it interesting to contact. Contacting a company that is not interested for one reason or another is a waste of time for everyone and annoying for the company.
With Account Based Website Tracking we get useful knowledge about companies that look at or use our website. We get to know which pages and thus topics or products that the company in question is interested in. And this means that our sales people can act as an interesting conversation partner for the customer immediately.

Torben Morsing


Through Account Based Website Tracking, we now have easier and clearer information presented, that previously was quite difficult to find. Eg. we did not have the full overview of how our existing customers did use our web site. Now we can follow an existing customer and see if the interest is growing or not.
We can also see trends in the market. Eg. is both “acoustics” and “private companies” in growth on our web site, where those pages are visited more often than before, and it reveals a change in demand.
Similarly, we can see if marketing campaigns result in visits to the pages on the web site to which the campaign relates. In other words, coordination between sales and marketing
Jeanette Qvarnstrøm

Chief of market operations, Kinnarps, Denmark

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