Valoris is the market leader within advertising and website tracking based on IP-addresses.

Account based advertising and re-marketing

Our Business

It is our business to develop and market solutions that enables B2B marketing to support the account based sale during the entire salesphase.

We are innovating and improving the usage of the IP-addresses, that identifies every business in our international database. And thereby we are improving marketing and re-marketing for our customers.

We develop and market solutions for

  • Account Based Advertising,
  • Account Based Website Tracking,
  • Person Tracking
  • Target Group Website Tracking

It’s all about 1 to 1 sale, marketing and re-marketing to B2B businesses with account based sale.



We are

    • Søren Rylov, owner, adviser and consultant.
    • Anders Peter Andersen, owner, adviser and consultant.
    • Finn Rylov, administration, internal advisor and advisor in communication.

We have been around for 20 years and specialize in analysing and advising our customers on the use of Microsoft technologies in their IT infrastructure. We are a small company and have not hired a specialist in online marketing.

But with the new and manageable solution from Valoris, we do not need a specialist. The tool has given us the companies we should target with banner advertising and what content we should use for them

Lotte Munk

HR and marketing manager, solvo it ApS

The advantage of using Account Based Advertising is that we as advertisers can precisely manage which companies will see our ads. This, combined with Account Based Website Tracking, gave us daily reports on the companies in our target group that had clicked on the banners.

We got our telemarketing agency to contact the companies that had visited our landing page. And then we could start a conversation that was based on the products and services that the companies had viewed on

Caroline Helbo

Digital Marketing Lead, EG A/S

Will appear soon



We are experts in 1 to 1  sale and marketing using IP-data.

Let us help you sell more to your B2B target groups.



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